Monday, May 30, 2016

Pecan Praline Scheherazades

These cookies--candies, really--are delicious, nutty caramels.  The only difficulty in making them is getting the caramel at just the right temperature, which is something I'm still working on.  I've made these before several times, and have been diligent at taking them off the stove at just the right temperature.  They were just about perfect, but I wanted them a little softer, so I decided to just wing it.  When I was thinking about this later, it occurred to me that I'd never seen a brand of caramels called Just-Wing-It-Caramels.  There might be a reason for that.

So glossy and lovely.  I let it cook longer than this.

The thing that takes the longest in making these little candies is waiting for the oven to preheat in order to toast the pecans.  After that, things speed along so quickly that you barely have time to glance at the directions again.

Pouring the caramel into the waiting pecans is heavenly.

When I saw how these spread out, I began to have doubts about my take-no-temperature technique.  Sure enough, they didn't harden.

A friend brought me this Oregon salt from a trip to the west coast.  It's perfect to balance the rich sweetness of the caramels.

The candies needed to be scraped off the Silpat and shaped into balls--some were one-bite size and others were two-bite.  I loved the softness and chewiness of these caramels, but it would have been nice if they'd kept their shape instead of pooling into a flat disc.  Still, their unloveliness meant that I couldn't give them away.  What a shame.


  1. They are indeed simply delicious Marie, I did the same as you, great post.😡

  2. Sound incredible! Soft caramel is the best. I would buy a packet of Just Wing It Caramels!

  3. Mine were definitely chewier and darker. But still good.

  4. If you bought Just Wing It Caramels you'd have to be prepared for variable quality, by definition.

    You could just scrape one of your caramels up and put it on icecream. Yum.

  5. I have stopped counting how many times I had to trash burnt caramel...I guess its just a matter of a lot of practice.

    despite that,this was super fast and easy recipe to make.

    welcomes back!

  6. Well, In my case, I thought if I took the temperature above the recommended, it will stay better in shape..but they still pool out into flat discs... :( I love how glossy your caramel candy caramel gold-nuggets! :D

  7. Hi Marie, Just wondering if this bake along group is still open? Really keen to join in. Currently, in the Bread Bible group.

    1. Hi Phing,
      I'd be happy to have you join us. Would you want to use the same blog you're using for The Bread Bible, or do you want another blog? (Either way is fine with me). Do you want to start this week, with the rum raisin bread/French toast? Just let me know, and I'll add you to the list.

    2. Hi Marie, Thanks for your reply :) I will create a separate tab and share the link with you. Is it a weekly schedule beginning Monday? Is it okay to skip some of the recipe if I can't find the things - not easy to get everything here in Malaysia?

    3. Yes, it's a weekly schedule starting Monday. And it's fine to skip some weeks (or feel free to substitute if you don't have access to something). My email is you can email me directly.