Thursday, September 15, 2016

Midweek Roundup: "One Cookie Won't Be Enough!"

Photo by Orin
Orin's Goodies

Uh-oh.  I can see that I wasn't diligent enough in reminding people to save their pie dough scraps.  This recipe, which is meant to be an easy and yummy way to use up accumulated pastry scraps, turned out to require this week's Alpha Bakers to start from scratch.

Orin had to make a brand new batch of pie dough, but she had a hard time of it, what with the high humidity where she lives and the refrigeration of the dough, which made it difficult to roll out at first. Orin was lucky enough to take Rose's class on cookies from Craftsy, but she said her rollie-pollies "turned out nothing like in the craftsy class."  Still, "they had a delicious caramel at the bottom that formed from all the sugar in the dough, very addictive.  Reminded me a bit of the flavor and texture of an elephant ear and a cinnamon rugelach."  And next time she'll save her scraps.

Vicki also had to make a new batch of cream cheese pie dough, but she tried it with her dough hook this time, and it worked, so it wasn't too painful to make more pie crust.  (I just hope she remembered to save the scraps this time).  Her conclusion:  "No matter what the shape, these little gems are a nice, simple treat for anyone who loves pie crust.  Count me in!"

Rachel didn't have any spare pie crust "hanging around," so she "cheated" with store-bought pie crust.  I'll admit that I have on occasion done the same, as I suspect most of us have, so her version of rollie-pollies at least had the advantage of being easy.  But she "paid the price, taste-wise."   Although maybe it wasn't the tastiest pie crust ever, it had the advantage of being very easy to work with.  And she managed to fancy them up a bit with "some leftover topping from the coffeecake muffins we made a few weeks ago.  It added a nice crunch to the cookies."  And next time she'll use Rose's pie dough for "real" rollie pollies.

Next week:  Cadillac Cafe Milk Chocolate Bread Pudding.  Do yourselves a favor and use a supermarket baguette.  The softer version of a French baguette is much easier to work with than the real thing.

The Countdown:  We are down to just 13 (appropriately, a baker's dozen) recipes to try.


  1. This picture of Orin's Rollie Pollies is what made me get cracking and mix up pie dough. This was such a fun little cookie to make.

  2. Thank you vicki, you are always kind.

  3. I'm hoping mine look as good as yours Orin (although the chances are slim).