Sunday, November 13, 2016

Chocolate Sweetheart Madeleines

This would be quick and easy if you didn't use mini-madeleine pans and if you didn't have to glaze the mini-madeleines with a tiny paint brush (that shed red bristles on the tiny cookies).  Also, if your mini-madeleine pans had some definition, you might end up with tiny madeleines that actually looked like madeleines.  If they don't, then you end up with little brown blobs.  Brown blobs taste fine, but they don't have the same cachet as madeleines.

The madeleine batter is based on Rose's Chocolate Domingo Cake recipe, so even though the madeleines are in the cookie section, they're really more of a cake.  Even the small madeleines (made using only 4 grams of batter) remained moist after baking.

I had only two mini-madeleine pans (24 small indentations in each pan, for a total of 48).  I'm glad I didn't get four pans to make 100 (or 96, to be precise).

These are the little molds.

And these are the big ones.  Even when I looked at them both, it didn't occur to me that the big one was going to produce something that looked like a shell, and the little one wasn't.

Even when I spooned (no, I didn't pipe) them in their little pan in 4-ounce increments, it didn't occur to me that they might not look like madeleines.

Finally, after I took them out of the pan and started daubing chocolate glaze on them, I started thinking, hmm, these don't look like much of anything.  Aren't madeleines supposed to look like shells?  Well, maybe when they have glaze on them, they'll look like something.

Nope.  Well, maybe a little bit like a newly hatched bunch of headless brown turtles.

Actually, even the bigger ones didn't look so much like madeleines.  On the other hand, they didn't look so much like headless turtles.

The good news is that they really did taste good.  And the small ones were just the right size for granddaughter Lily to smush in her hand before popping into her mouth.  And anything that elicits a big toothy grin from Lily is OK with me.


  1. My husband saw our plate full of madeleines and said they looked like a pile of beetles! I love your set-up shot with the tea pot and cup.

  2. Love you blossom teapot Marie, l will not be making them but yous look good.P.S. is the batter supposed to be think.😯

  3. it's rare that i really do LOL! headless turtles indeed....

    1. I agree Rose" headless Turtles" I think it's because the chocolate was to think or not enough ,besides that they look great.

  4. I sit with one 48 mini-cup muffin pan, one Lekue 9 cup madeleine pan, 2 small financier and 2 large financier pans. My husband has a firm grip on the change purse and stands glaring at the pictures on my screen. I think my final decision is: For drill, make the one mold of large Madeleines paint with ganache. Then, with the leftovers make whatever possible amount of adorable muffins and paint them with sable brush of ganache. I know these are sooo good that I am inspired. Husband will be happy.

  5. I had the 'blob' problem too! In fact your experience mirrors mine so much, sometimes I think we might be baking twins.

    Jim - lovely photo at the top. I do love afternoon tea.

    1. Thanks, Catherine; it was my little homage to Proust.