Sunday, August 28, 2016

Coconut Crisps

These are so easy to make that if I didn't have to refrigerate the dough, I'd hardly know it was a Rose recipe.  I appreciate these simple recipes so much!

The dry ingredients are just flour, sugar, and unsweetened coconut.  I'll bet that in a pinch you could use sweetened coconut, with a slight decrease in sugar.  222

Then you get out your trusty food processor and pulse in some butter.  Easy, right?

Adding one egg makes it a perfectly malleable dough.  So many things in your life don't even approach being malleable.  It's nice when you can at least count on your cookie dough.

Buying a set of scalloped cookie cutters was one of the best investments I've ever made.  They look so much fancier than plain circles.

If you think they still look too plain, I suspect you could sprinkle on some sparkly sugar, or perhaps dip the cookie into some shiny chocolate ganache.  I think the coconut/chocolate combo would be fantastic.  And then, if you ground some toasted almonds and added that with the dry ingredients, you'd have all the tastes of an Almond Joy.  But that would be another cookie, and it wouldn't be as easy, so never mind.  I like this just the way it is.


  1. Yay!!! Another Q$E and they sound delicious. Today is cookie baking day.

  2. I was so, so soooo happy they were easy!! And I see bourbon balls on the schedule right around my next book club hosting, yay! I love sweets with a tiny bit of booze. :)

  3. your cookies looks great, like you I think ill sandwich the cookies with some hazelnut spread.